Types of Clients I Work With

While every business keeps books and records, each business type has some special needs. Here are a few:

Tax TimeRetail: Most retail businesses maintain inventory, so an inventory system needs to be set up. Some businesses use a cash register tape, while others use QuickBooks Point of Sale software.

Memberships: Golf Courses, Athletic Facilities, and Non-Profits are types of businesses that have annual membership dues.

Churches: Churches keep confidential donations by members. Church employees have special rules.

Tips: Hair Salons, Taxicabs, Restaurants and others have special reporting requirements for employees receiving tips.

Landlords: Required to keep books and records by property location

Non-Profit: Generally keep books and records for each grant or income source.

Partnerships: Must keep partner withdrawals for each partner.

Job Costing & Invoicing:  Contractors, Consulting, Architects, Attorneys, Dentists, Landscapers, Janitorial and others may keep records by client or client type – for invoicing and job costing purposes.

Multi-State: Businesses with sales in more than one state will need to keep sales by state.