Painless Tax Preparation

With continuous changes in the IRS Tax Codes, preparing your own tax return has become more complicated every year.

Many provisions are approved that only last for a year or two, but Congress renews some of them at the last minute.   This forces the IRS to change the forms, making the filing season start late.

Congress is requiring registration starting this year for all paid tax preparers (PTIN).  Testing for all non-Enrolled Agents or non-CPAs has started and must be completed by 2013.

BOOKKEEPING PLUS, LLC prepares the following tax forms:

Individual tax preparation:

1040, 1040A, 1040EA

 Partnership tax preparation:




 Non-Profit tax preparation:



E-Filing  with or without Direct Deposit is provided with any tax return prepared at Bookkeeping Plus, LLC.   IRS is requiring most tax return preparers to E-file this year.